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Tour Description

Something a lot of people don't know about Philadelphia is that it is not just a historical city. It is infused with art, and I'm here to show you. I'm a student at The University of the Arts so I have great exposure to art and culture. In this two hour tour we will be exploring art in all its forms in beautiful Center City. You will see places where people dance like the Kimmel Center, places where people act like The Walnut Theatre, as well as places like The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where powerful artwork is displayed in its usual forms, and murals gracing the walls of Philadelphia painted by a talented group of graffiti artists. But more importantly you'll see the hidden artistic gems of Philly. Ending with a tour of Philly's finest restaurants, you will come to see that Philly's artistic passion is like no other.

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Actress, dancer, choreographer, and writer from Washington D.C but based in center city Philly. I'm a second year acting major at The University of the Arts. I’ve been dancing since the age of four competively, writing and acting since my high school years and because of that am very connected to my artistic center. I’m truly passionate about performing arts of all kind and plan to pursue a career in acting for film along with dance and dance choreography.

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