Make money by showing people
around the city you know and love.

Become a Local Guide

You love your city for all of the great things it has to offer. The problem is, most of them won’t ever be listed in a guidebook. Travelers are missing out! Don’t let your city just be known for its postcard highlights. Show visitors what they’ve been missing out on- become a guide today.

Who should be a guide?

Everyone! It’s just like showing around a friend who comes to town, except you get paid. Share your favorite spots, enjoy your favorite activities, and show travelers your favorite city.

Name your own price

Everyone could use some extra cash. With Zeeno, you'll set your own price and choose your own tour length, so how much you make is up to you.

Work when you want

You choose your availability to give Zeeno tours. Work whenever you want and create unique experiences that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

Getting paid

Whether you work one tour or multiple, we’ll directly deposit all of your earnings into your account. Zeeno takes out a 20% fee to cover our expenses.

Sign up process

Clicking "Let's Get Started" on the form at the top of this page will walk you through a few screens where you'll provide information about yourself and the tour you want to provide. Zeeno will submit your information for a background check and may contact you for any clarifications. Once you're approved to be a Zeeno Guide, we'll send you a Welcome Kit that contains everything you'll need to start giving tours and making money.